Airbrush Makeup: Do I Need It?

Airbrush makeup seems to be a trend that comes and goes each year. Some years it's all the rage, other times few brides even inquire about it. We seem to be in a time where more people are asking about it again, and others are wondering what the benefits are. Let's talk about it.

A typical makeup application involves foundation. Usually, a liquid or cream product that offers coverage to even skin tones and something that works well with your skin type. It's usually applied with a brush or sponge. Formulas these days do an amazing job of giving a natural, even tone and finish.

Airbrush makeup, however, is a different type of product and application technique. It involves using an airbrush machine and compatible foundation to essentially mist makeup onto the face using a compressor. This provides a more diffused, lightweight base that gives a soft, photo-like finish. If you're wondering about airbrush for your wedding day, look no further!

Makeup for Blushpretty, Hair by Stephanie Daga

It's Lightweight

Despite what you may think, airbrush makeup is incredibly lightweight. With it, you can build thin, even layers of coverage to your desired look without feeling heavy on the face. This is great for people with skin texture and tone concerns especially, since you can build up to high coverage but don't need to add on heavier products.

It's Water-Resistant

This isn't true for all airbrush makeup, but the ones your makeup artist uses will almost certainly be a long-lasting, water and transfer-resistant formula. This is essential for long wedding days, especially ones with outdoor activities and photos!

It Looks Like Skin

The biggest reason brides opt for airbrush makeup is because it looks the most like natural skin out of most foundation options. In photos, it truly gives a soft, picture-perfect result that will never go out of style!

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