Makeup Essentials for Mature Skin

As a working makeup artist now for over eight years, I have worked with literally hundreds of clients ranging from all backgrounds and ages, mature skin and young skin. Providing a makeup application can be an intimate and vulnerable service. clients are asked to wash away any makeup and show up with a blank canvas, and as the artist, I go in and work to interpret asks and expectations to create a result that not only hits the mark, but leaves my client feeling their best.

Getting up close and personal with clients also means that I have a lot of conversations around insecurities. Changes in our faces as we age, new concerns that creep in over time, all of these come up. Self love is a journey. While I firmly believe there's no one way to define "beauty" or any specific standard of it, the reality is we all deal with a mixed bag of emotions when we're looking at ourselves in the mirror, and many of us are curious about ways to care for our skin and change up our makeup routine to feel our best.

Mature Skin: What to do?

The crowd I get questions from in my chair the most are women with mature skin (typically 40 & up, but even those in their 30s start seeing changes in their skin). It's this group that ask me questions like:

  • I barely even wash my face - what do I really need for skincare?
  • There's new fine lines forming - how can I treat those?
  • I don't want my makeup to cake or look heavy, how do I fix this?
  • My makeup doesn't wear the same way it used to, should I be changing products or techniques?
  • How should I be taking care of my makeup?
  • What should I know about medical esthetic treatments?

These are all common and valid questions, and when it's time to go searching for answers, it can be incredibly overwhelming. There is a TON of information out there from varying sources, a lot of it conflicting, and for the most part, way more complicated than necessary to understand.

I'm so pleased to share I've created a virtual program that addresses the essentials for exactly this group, Makeup Essentials for Mature Skin. It's an online program that covers:

  • Skincare basics
  • Must-have beauty tools (just the essentials)
  • Five-minute makeup routine on a 40+ model
  • Twenty-minute makeup routine on a 40+ model, and;
  • Aftercare & maintenance of beauty products and tools

It is a program that honours simplicity and is shared from the perspective that I get you - I know you have limited time in the morning, that you don't want to spend crazy amounts of money on more product than you need, and you just want it to be easy.

It comes with an in-depth 30+ page companion guide that is chock full of product recommendations at every price point, and recaps everything you see in the video content (no note-taking necessary!).

It's truly the only program you'll need to answer questions about your changing skin as you age, and I'd love for you to have it. Visit the course page for more information!

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